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Experience the magic of Durkan in how we interweave product, design, community and sustainability into custom design solutions.


Durkan is your imagination brought to life. Discover the industry's most inspired hospitality flooring and the full custom capabilities to make it your own. With innovations in design, sustainability and technology, we are here to help your ideas thrive.


New Collection


Inspired by ink-washed paintings' ability to captivate the viewer with its impulsive and fluid nature, these works of art provide unpredictable results as the process cannot be controlled with precision. Paint bleeds and disperses through opposing colors, creating waves and sculpted forms, with overlays of classic lace drape and contour, drifting and rippling across the surface. All of the nuances of translating ink patterning into carpet are made possible in the Liike Collection through the technological advances and multi-level cut and loop capabilities of Durkan's Definity construction.

New Collection


This charmingly unconventional and intentionally unorthodox carpet combines neutrals with pop colors amid textural topography that creates a unique installation that it current and cosmopolitan. Influenced by the urban landscape in oxidized metals, the remnants of once posted placards, and the beauty of the cityscape, Raffish calls to mind an organized chaos that it unapologetic and that immediately captures attention. Through Synthesis technology, Raffish strengthens its individuality through multiple layers of patterns, enhancing its decidedly urban spirit.

New Collection


Taking cues from its namesake, Lapis boasts bold, faceted color that is veined with cool neutrals that bespeaks of lapis lazuli, granite, agate and other geological inspiration. With intricate areas of light and dark, Lapis brings nature indoors in a soft and supple flooring solution that is perfectly matched with stone or wood visual tiles. The result is a modern take on the great outdoors that is organic, inviting and aspirational.

New Collection


UDAAN is an odyssey to new elevations, transcending the hustle and bustle of a noisy environment. Pausing, slowing down and calming our minds to reconnect with ourselves: UDAAN captures the essence of these experiences. The collection focuses on reflection and reconnection at a higher level of mindfulness. The designs are fluid with a subtle sense of movement. From dusty hues to vibrant blues combined with soft, blurry textures, UDAAN achieves an aura of sophistication.

New Collection


Inspired by the passage of time and interpreted as a journey of dimensional and textural art forms, Xenia fuses organic and industrial styles and tonal treatments. Immersive concrete surfaces, century old woods, free-flowing images and botanicals form a convergence of blended effects and transformations into modern designs. Rediscovering treasures of the old worlds and embracing a contemporary sophisticated warmth, Xenia is a stylized confluence of technology and artistic poetry.

New Collection


Be immersed in the uninhabited regions of pristine coastlines with Tulum, a diverse collection of worldly designs. Boasting a bohemian style and chic aesthetic, playful medallions, organic paisleys and hand-painted motifs capture the essence of ancient Aztec and Mayan cultures with a modern twist. Bright turquoise waters and white sand beaches inspire the palette, complemented by bold berry, coveted coral and a hint of dijon. With an eclectic flair and sense of wonder, Tulum evokes an air of exploration and adventure.

New Collection


Order meets unpredictability in the Uncovered Collection. The mathematic regularity of tile converges with painterly brushstrokes and shattered glass imagery, creating a visual that is at once artistic and precise. Natural disorder is pared down to its most basic essence, allowing the emergence of abstracted beauty.

New Collection


Designed to be a cadenced experience, Uptrend is visual poetry for the floor. The tempo expresses the profoundly relaxed, serene quality of happiness. Tranquility is captured in the natural flow of luxurious textures, like the calmness of a babbling brook or the familiarity of a star-filled night sky.

New Collection


A primitive style originating where classical rules of proportion and perspective don't apply. Tribal, expressive art meets modern luxury in the Indigenous Craft Collection. Each design incorporates a geometric style that has been beautifully updated for a modern twist, with colors ranging from soft neutrals to a mix of blues and grays. Indigenous Craft bridges the gap between cultural art and craft.

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The Lineate Collection of ERT combines ombré gradations of color with textile-like striations, resulting in a richly dimensional visual. Colors include cool and warm neutrals as well as vibrant hues, with saturation levels that ebb and flow across each plank to produce an impression of depth and undulation. Colors can be mixed or used singly to create abstract, modern flooring designs.



The Hybrid Media Collection rethinks ERT by juxtaposing five different wood species in one product. The result is an edgy, dynamic mixture of shades and graining, one that gives designs a distinctly deconstructionist vibe. Hybrid Media is created using our full two-meter pattern platform, ensuring a unique assemblage of wood tones and textures for each installation.



Living Local Enhanced Resilient Tile celebrates the vibrant, versatile spirit of our local communities. Proudly manufactured in America, the collection draws inspiration from natural wood visuals and features colors ranging from rich warm browns to cool grays. The aesthetically flexible shades and textures are designed to fit any commercial interior, providing a core collection of creative styles that you can use to bring homegrown appeal to a wide variety of projects.



The registered, embossed surface design and high definition wood visuals of Grown Up ERT provide the most realistic texture and distinctive graining of any hard surface product on the market today. Available in 9" x 59" planks, this over-sized loose-lay ERT can be installed without adhesives or underlayments and be ready for immediate occupancy. The overall thickness of the planks and inner core offer superior acoustical benefits, while its ability to transition seamlessly to our carpet tile products maximizes design versatility. Grown Up is cutting edge, boasting a construction made of 8% rapidly renewable, bio-based content that avoids harmful phthalates.



Natural wood visuals feature colors from rich warm browns to cool grays that calm the imagination in our In The Mix collection. Intentional plank variation from design and color offer limited pattern repeats and rigid construction hides sub-floor imperfections with no telegraphing.